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Additional Resources

"The Dilemmas of Bicycle Planning" by Paul Schimek

The best sixteen pages anyone can read on bicycling planning.

Bicycling "Street Smarts", by John Allen

Concise web guide that shows how to safely ride on all public roads.

Issues with Bicycling on Sidepaths and Sidewalks

Bicycles and the Law, by Alan Wachtel, CABO Government Relations Director

A summary of how the law applies to bicyclists - a bit technical, but interesting nonetheless.

California MUTCD

Scroll down to Part 9, "Traffic Controls for Bicycle Facilities"

Caltrans Traffic Manual

The traffic manual has standards for signage, pavement markings and traffic control devices. It is useful when you are dealing with signage issues, especially illegal or improper signs.  (Superseded by the California MUTCD)

AASHTO (pronounced "ash-toe") American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials, Green Book of Bicycle Facilities

Click on the link to download the document. For those in California, this is for reference only - the Highway Design Manual Chapter 1000 supersedes this in California.

Facilities Design Presentation

Here is a fantastic Facilities Design presentation put together by League Cycling Instructor and Traffic Engineer Richard Moeur (from Phoenix). It is a must read for advocates and transportation professionals.

"Re-Evaulating Traffic Signal Loops" by Alan Wachtel

Originally published in Bicycle Forum #50, this highly technical (but interesting) article compares the sensitivity of the various kinds of signal loops.

Statewide Safety Study of Bicycles and Pedestrians on Freeways, Expressways, Toll Bridges, and Tunnels

Recently done for California; released in September 2001.

Bicycle-Motor Vehicle Collisions on Controlled Access Highways in Arizona

Analysis from January 1, 1991 to June 30, 2002

Policy PGP 1030 referenced in that document.

The Science and Politics of Bicycle Driving

HTML version: <>
Printable version:  <>

Bicycle Parking Guidelines

This document aids in bicycle rack selection and location for bicycle parking.
< Parking Guidelines.pdf>

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